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A little about me...


Olivia Boomhower is currently a student, writer, freelance artist, and muralist living in the Pacific Northwest. Olivia's art is emotionally influenced by their experience of being a queer/ gender non-conforming person.

Spending the majority of their life in a conservative, rural town, they use their challenging upbringing as a foundation for their work. Olivia's goal is to connect with her audience through honest writing, transparency, and expression.

-Artist Statement-

"When creating my work, I want to question my understanding of my desires, concerns within society, and their connection to the world through the participation of those things in conjunction with my identity.

           Overflowing with color, my art communicates raw emotion and opinion. So much of the world goes unseen, and my art captures the ideas and intimacy that might have been missed within the busy lives we all live. I see the world as a balancing act between destruction, chaos, and spiritual connectedness; I take these different elements and intertwine them within my work, periodically making reference to my personal experiences and/or historical experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community.

           My works are unique because they fearlessly tear into reality. Carrying empathy in my heart every day for humankind, my work reflects this passion. Many of them allow me to step back and unravel my heartbreak, come together again and know that I am not alone. I want my audience to come into contact with this and know that there is always something deeper underneath the surface."

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